You’re getting married! Once the realisation sets in that you’re about to begin this next stage of your life together (and you’ve absorbed all the hugs, champagne and celebrations that go with announcing your engagement), your thoughts will turn to the wedding itself.

Your wedding ceremony is the reason for the day and should be just as enjoyable as the party that follows. I take a great deal of pride in crafting personal, engaging and memorable ceremonies and it is
for this reason that I accept a limited amount of bookings each year.

I love working with couples to create a ceremony that is an accurate reflection of their relationship and the life they share. I love standing with a groom waiting for his bride to arrive and watching the emotions well up in his eyes. I love seeing the joy on a bride’s face when she catches sight of her husband-to-be.

Commitment Ceremonies
Master of Ceremonies
Naming Ceremonies
Renewal of Vows
When first planning our wedding Gary and I were unsure about what to look for in a celebrant. Upon meeting Koren we knew she was perfect. She was very relaxed and open to all suggestions. She honestly made our wedding day.

The ceremony that she wrote was fantastic. It was relaxed and humorous just as we had wanted. The ceremony was honestly our favorite part of the day. Gary remembers being nervous at first but instantly Koren calmed his nerves, much more than a celebrant needs to do!

I would recommend Koren to anyone and everyone; she has a modern take on weddings and ensures the couple is well portrayed. Our family in particular couldn’t believe how fantastic she was. Let’s not forget- Koren dropped in with a bottle of champagne to congratulate us on married life!!! You can't fault her at all!

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